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Big print Birmingham is one of the leading PVC and vinyl banner printers in the UK. With our high quality PVC press that prints in very high resolutions, we think you will be very pleased with a well-designed and printed vinyl banner from Big print Birmingham.

Big print Birmingham PVC banners are standard hard wearing and durable 440gsm PVC materials. They come with eyelets and cable ties at no extra cost.

Big print Birmingham can help you design your very own banner online. Simply click on the “instant quota” module at your right hand side. Select a pre-designed template and follow the instructions to view our free banner templates.

Benefits of using our PVC banner print service

  • eyelets and cable ties at no extra cost
  • free delivery to any location in mainland UK
  • adaptable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Eco-solvent inks- prevents fading
  • professionally looking PVC banners

PVC banner printing

Big print Birmingham has invested in industry standard printing technologies such as Jetrix, Flatbed press, and the 3.2m wide StarJet press. This has allowed us to print premium quality banners at very affordable prices.

Our printing technologies have allowed us to print different types of banners such as advertising and company banners, school banners, and temporary shop banners etc.

Our 440gsm material is the most used as it is ideal for all kinds of banners e.g. inside and outdoor banners.

Its lightweight and lasting properties have made it possible to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Our use of standard ecologically- sound Eco-solvent inks have made it waterproof and allowed it to withstand fading which is caused by continuous exposure to sunlight light and heavy rain downpour.

You can be rest assured that when you order from Big print Birmingham you don’t need to worry about anything else.

Design your banners through our  very skillful design team in-house or use your own pre designed artwork to get you started as quick as possible. Click here to contact us . Or Call 07702153393  – for a quick quote over the phone.

PVC Banner Frame

Do you need aluminum banner frames like the ones in the image below? Don’t you worry because Big print Birmingham will not only make any size you want but you can also select from two sizes that are available in stock right now. You can call us on 07702153393 for more enquires.

To learn more about our PVC banner frames click here to contact us

One of the benefits of using our services is that you get to save more on every order you make. This is as a result of our timely investments in new software’s and technologies.

The large number of orders we process daily through our customers online and through our marketing and advert partners, we are now able to source for materials at low costs.

All banner orders include eyelets for use when attaching vinyl banner to a frame.

Call us on 07702153393 or click here to visit our web page on banner frames.

All our PVC banners are printed on standard hard wearing 440gsm PVC materials.

PVC Banner Templates

Follow the link below to download our pre-designed PVC banner templates both in PDF and adobe InDesign formats.

Click here to download PDF banner templates

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Useful tips and advice from our in-house banner experts

  • sizes of PVC banners
  • 10 uses for PVC banners
  • how to maintain PVC banners
  • tips and advice on how to design an awesome PVC banner

Hi tech industry inkjet printers have made it possible for advanced printing companies to print full color designs on a single piece of material.

This has fueled the growth for banner printing both in the UK and around the world.

The chemical composition in PVC

PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride. This is a plastic compound that is durable and usable in many other different processes.

PVC is very useful in printing and in other industries. This is made possible by the thermo plastic polymer that has one hydrogen atom replaced by a chloride atom which gives strength to the materials and also enabling the material to be flexible.

PVC Banner Print

Producing a high-quality PVC banner with a full spectrum of colors is a highly skilled work and can be done in different methods.

PVC banner printing has come a long way. Before the advent of printing technologies, banner designs were handmade. This resulted into increased printing cost and the decrease in print quality.

Over time the use of PVC banners have increased exponentially. Awareness and benefits of the use of these banners have also increased. PVC banners can now be spotted in trade shows, hoardings and billboards, and in many outdoor areas as well.

Plastic banners have also seen a rise in usage because of how cheap they are. They are also quick and easy to install and does not carry restrictions placed by council.

The invention of the PVC printing machines made all the problems of handmade print to go away. The machines are capable of creating plastic lettered PVC banners. This produces a raised 3d effect to the lettering on the banner.

In this process a computer controlled PVC cutter accurately slice up letters or shapes. These shapes and letters are then cut out of self-adhesives and are applied to the PVC banner manually to create the desired design.

Screen Printing

This is the least energy consuming method of PVC banner printing because it involves the use of stencils and looks less attractive. This method of printing is not commonly used as it has less quality when compared to other forms of banner printing e.g. Digital printing.

The most effective method for PVC banner printing is digital printing.

  1. Digital printing is cost effective. The only major cost is the initial cost of investment in equipment which is recovered in no time by the machines ability to cut off labor, and also efficiently reduce running cost.
  2. Digital printing has been adopted by many companies this is due to its high quality, and its ability to produce diverse arrays of patterns.

Because of the above listed points, PVCs are relatively cheap when compared to other types of banners e.g. roller banner printing, feather flags and quills banner printing.

Applications of cheap banners include bands, and cheap church weddings.

Because of the light weight, low cost, high quality finish, portability and flexibility characteristics of the PVC banner, countless number of uses have sprang up. Some of the uses include company logos, special promotion events and team sports banners.

Commonly printed banners at Big print Birmingham include, church banners, band and wedding banners.

Politics and PVC Banners

Democracy has promoted the freedom of speech especially in the western part of the world. The importance of people airing their views is now more than ever more pronounced. This has created an avenue for PVC banners as they are highly used in political marches and rallies. They are used by people to help them get their message across despite the large crowd around.

Locally, these banners have been homemade and in low quality but as companies such as ‘spiral color’ have made PVC colors extremely affordable to the public. This has helped replaced homemade banners, whether it be on hoardings/billboards, in team photos, or even outside animal testing laboratory, PVC has become a regular sight to behold.

PVC banners are amongst the most diverse and useful applications of PVC plastic.

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