Roller Banner Graphics

Have you ever wanted to design your very Own self-made graphic design for your roller banner, but not sure of how to go about it? Do you have questions like the ones below?

What software to use?

There are lots of great softwares out there that can serve this purpose. Adobe Photoshop and illustrator can also help you create high-end graphics giving that they were programed to create advanced graphic designs.

Although these softwares can seem very difficult to learn and use at first, but at the end they can help you deliver the great design you need for your marketing effort.

Creating Sections in the roller banner

When designing a roller banner graphic it is helpful if you can imagine the banner in sections. This will help you create amazing graphic designs that can convey the desired message you want to pass across to prospective clients.

First of all you should divide your design into 4 sections as shown below;


The Top Section

The top section of your design should include logo, company’s name, and your company’s most important message if available. This will help attract more views to your advert.

Note: your companys message could be your slogan or tagline and should always state what your company wants to offer.


Middle Section

In exhibitions, trade shows, and other outdoor locations you have very limited time mostly in seconds to get the attention of your prospective clients. in this regard the middle section should contain very few words as possible as this is where the main message of your advert will be placed you can also place more brief words at the bottom part of the middle section as well as the bottom right part for effective reading.


The Bottom Section

This section should contain information’s that can help your potential clients locate you. The informations that can be placed at this section includes, Telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, website address (url), links to your social profile pages e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc. more importantly all information’s in this section should be large and visible enough for a prospective client to be able to spot from afar very easily.



They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s imperative that you add not just a picture but a very high resolution image of at least 300 dpi. The pictures should be able to convey the concept of your message.

If you have obtained pictures from different sources it is important you have the required permission or legal right to utilize them for your marketing efforts.

Make sure the images are saved in CMYK format so they are ready for print.

Colouring is also important, make sure your colouring blends with your company’s brand and don’t forget to make your texts very visible against the background.

If you adhere to the instructions above, you should be on your way to creating an effective and eye catching design.

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